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Health Empowerment  Is Within Reach

Wellness Coaching with Katie Cinquina

Meet Katie

Certified Health Coach & Gut Health Expert

Hi, I'm Katie, just a Southern California girl passionate about health, microbes, faith, and community!

In 2021, I finished both my health coaching, and gut healing certifications through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). 

My coaching program aims to help you take back your life from pain and illness, and feel confident in your own skin. You will learn to boost your immune system through gut healing and implement 'tailored-to-you' lifestyle changes so you can finally experience true health!

Click below to read more about how I conquered my own chronic illness!


What I Specialize In

Reset Your Digestive System

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Adopt a Balanced Lifestyle

Set Health Intentions

Personalized Goal Plan

Organic Vegetables

Find Health Freedom through Gut Healing and Lifestyle Change. Begin Your Journey Today!

...(Katie) always shares well researched information and her passion for what she does is apparent. ...I have been more focused on finding a balance in my daily food choices and am so thankful to Katie for beginning this journey for me! ”

- Brooklyn P.

...I chose (Katie) because I wanted someone who I knew would encourage me. Katie is relatable and authentic. She recognizes the importance of building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while also knowing when to “enjoy” life. I could tell she had the perfect balance of being able to push my health pursuits while also not making me feel guilty if I had some cake at a wedding.”

- Kinsley L.

...I've been following Katie for a while now and always find her content enlightening, encouraging, and helpful. (My) experience was informative and empowering in realizing that I could learn samples of what a healthy lifestyle looks like and recreate that for my own life. I would definitely point anyone looking for advice in health and wellness to Katie.”

- Wesley J.

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